Cables, Wires and Accessories for the Steel Industry

Whether in construction, transport or for tools and machines - it is impossible to imagine the various branches of industry without steel and therefore, it is considered the most important metal of our time. The Federal Republic of Germany is the largest steel producer in the European Union and the steel industry is, for this reason, indispensable.

In blast furnaces, liquid pig iron is produced from ferrous input materials. It is then processed into crude steel in steel mills. The individual production processes involve extremely high temperatures and flying sparks, and aggressive substances are used. The cables and accessories used for production must be able to withstand these conditions.

But, in order for the required energy to reach the plants in the first place, the power supply around the site must also be established - strict requirements are also placed on these cables. Thus, depending on the application, cable types with special requirements for the insulation of the cores and the sheath are in demand. Whether control cables, data cables or cable glands - HELUKABEL offers the right products for this special industrial environment. And for the cabling from the transformer stations to the factory premises, HELUKABEL also has the right types of underground and medium voltage cables in its broad product portfolio.